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Jackson County Farmers Are Prepping The Fields

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It's that time of year again. Farmers are getting ready for their next round of crops.

In Jackson County, some planting is already underway but for the most part it's about prepping the land for the soft and salty by-products.

Farmer Jeffery Pittman is making sure these fields are getting ready for cotton planting. 

"If you're gonna plant in the month of May, this kind of work has to get started so we can get it out of the way so we can run the planters in the month of May," said Pittman.

Cotton is a crop that could yield a good profit this year.

"The last two to three weeks we really are pleased with the market," said Pittman. "It moved up to the 89 cent range."

Pittman says the market closed last year 2012 year in the high 70's.

In a few weeks, planting of cotton along with peanuts will start.

But because of 2012's record harvest of baseball's favorite stadium snack, peanut prices are low and Pittman will be planting less.

"Looks like we'll decrease our peanut acreage probably 30 percent and cotton will take those acres up," said Pittman.

While corn, cotton, and soybeans all look promising in the market, Pittman says it's a catch 22.

"With all those good markets, comes high inputs.," said Pittman.

This then increases the challenge of cash flow and net profit per acre.

But as always, weather plays a huge factor in the final product.

"Hoping for some adequate moisture to start off and hoping and praying for a good weather year through the season," said Pittman.

Pittman already started to plant corn but due to this weeks' cold snap, will be holding off for a few weeks to finish. Pittman will begin planting cotton, peanuts, and soybeans in May.