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Compass Lake Drive Road Paving Project Almost Complete

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A Jackson County neighborhood is paving it's way into spring.

A road-paving project that's been several years in the making is just shy of completion.

"Oh man it was so dusty and bumpy, you know?," said Bene Harrison. He recalls what driving used to be like in his neighborhood.

There was a lot of wrecks up here by this curb, but now that they have this road in you know it's a lot better," said Harrison.

Dirt roads are now a thing of the past for many Compass Lake residents.

"We are probably 99 percent done with the project," said Larry Alvarez, Jackson County Engineer.

Construction has been underway for the past year, transforming Compass Lake Drive and about five or six side streets into paved routes.

"This is gonna serve several purposes," said Alvarez. "It will get the roads paved so it will stop a lot of silt going into the lake, which DEP and the water management district have wanted this done for quite a while."

Complaints from residents also prompted the county to take action a couple of years ago, but it has taken some time considering its one and half million dollar price tag. 

"We've been working on the project for several years, trying to get the grant and everything ready," said Alvarez.

The county received $500,000 through a Florida Department of Transportation grant and the Jackson County Board of Commissioners funded the rest.

Allvarez says it's a project that will also save the county money.

"Because graders won't have to grade these roads now," said Alvarez.

Alvarez says asphalt will hold better when it rains, compared to dirt roads that would need to be graded.

"The more you grade, the more silt goes into the lake," said Alvarez.

The smoother finish is also something Harrison and his son are much happier with.

Its great, I mean its gonna cut down on you know the stuff on the car getting beat to death and he loves riding his bike on it too," said Harrison. 

Alvarez says 100 percent completion of the project is expected within the next two weeks.