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Mosley High Students Perform Holocaust Monologues

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Thursday, Naval Support Activity Panama City honored victims of the Holocaust in observance the National Day of Remembrance.

Mosley High School's Drama Club performed monologues during Thursday's ceremony. Their monologues not only capture the real people from the genocide, but their terror and emotions of the events.  

Matthew Bonnin, a Mosley senior, says pictures and film clips only do so much.

"It's really something to pretend to be that person," said Bonnin. "You really get inside their head and you have to think about their motivations.

"It's really cool to be able to relive that inside yourself it really affects you as a person."

Each student chose someone they could relate to. People just like them. Kristen Dodgen-Evans says her depiction is natural.

"I picked this one because I have two little sisters," she said. "It was easy for me to step into it. The things she did for her sisters, it would be so easy for me to do those things too.

"It would just be the natural thing."

Students performed three monologues honoring victims of the Holocaust. Another three portrayed recent genocides, giving a very real and very emotional look at tragedy happening today.

"A lot of people they understand what happens on a factual basis," said Bonnin. "But, I mean it's really difficult to feel what the people felt.

"Like the crushing, the emotional crushing of losing your family."

"And so I think that being able to act and being able to bring an individual character brings it so much closer to home," said Dodgen-Evans. "And you realize you are really not as different as the people in the camps as you might like to think."

National Holocaust Remembrance week is April 7th through the 14th.