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A Blue Ribbon Campaign Helps Prevent Child Abuse

A Blue Ribbon Campaign Helps Prevent Child Abuse

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The thought of a child being abused is devastating but often times a reality that children face in our community on a daily basis.  During the month of April, Gulf Coast Children's Advocacy Center is promoting its Blue Ribbon Campaign to prevent child abuse.

In keeping statistics for the area, therapists and case workers have found that only 1 out of 10 children reports abuse.  Advocates say that abuse and neglect happens everyday and the community needs to be aware.

"There's not just one victim the child is a victim but the parents are a victim the grandparents the cousins the siblings everybody's victimized in the process," Sexual Abuse Therapist Tasha Jackson said. 

"I want people to know that even though a child recants their statement it doesn't mean that it didn't happen so we should believe children we should support them and do every thing we can to help them," Jackson explained. 

Although it's a tough job, therapists at the center say it is rewarding to see children heal from their abuse.  "The work drives us and what keeps all of us going is the hope...the hope that child will be resilient," Executive Direct for Gulf Coast Children's Advocacy Center, Lori Allen said.

If you need to report a case of child abuse call the Florida Abuse Hotline at 1-800-962-2873.