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Panama City Couple Wed in Motorcycle Matrimony

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Cary Deeter has waited a long time for this day.

"I'm nervous about getting married at my age," said Deeter.  


"Because, I'm old!" he laughed.

As he anxiously awaited his bride. the nerves turned to thanks.

"I'm very excited to get married," said Deeter. "And I am extremely over whelmed about what's going on here at Post 392.

"I'm blown away."

Lash Larue walked down the aisle to the sound of pure horsepower. It's not your normal wedding march, but this isn't a normal wedding.

"It's different from your normal style wedding," said minister P.T. Moore. "But, as you can see we had a lot of different style people here."  

More than one hundred legion riders were there to give Lash away. The two exchanged vows, but before they could say I do, someone's cell phone had an objection as an alarm sounded before Lash's "I do."

"How does it feel to be a Deeter now?"

"I've been a Deeter for a while," said Lash.

"Today just makes it official?"

"Yea it does," she said, smiling.

"It was different," said Steven Iler. 

"Would you get married like this?

"If my wife would allow it," said Iler.  

"They are very close friends," said Moore. "We've had a good friendship for a long time. They are great people and I was honored to be able to officiate the ceremony."

The Deeters vowed to share their life together and to be different for as long as they both shall ride. The two plan to take their honeymoon in Washington D.C. On their motorcycles of course.