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Problem Solver Stories: Call Before You Dig; Access Road Update

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It happens from time to time.  Someone will dig on their property or other locations and accidentally cut underground utility lines.  That, can lead to a host of other problems.  Governor Rick Scott has proclaimed April as "Safe Digging Month" in Florida.  In this Problem Solver report, details on how those accidental cuts can be prevented.

It can seem innocent.  You want to dig up part of your property maybe for a brand new fence or even a mailbox.  But, if you are not careful, you can damage underground utility lines.  According to Brad Martin, with Sunshine 811, "Your safety is certainly in jeopardy. Gas lines, electric lines can certainly cause major issues."

Brad Martin represents says Sunshine 811 is a private, not for profit corporation that spreads the message of "Call before you dig."  Martin tells News 13, "We educate on what the law requires that you call two full business days before you dig.  We do know that about half of the folks that we have surveyed throughout the state of Florida who say they are going to be digging in their yard... This year.. But less than half those folks are planning to call before they dig.

According to the Common Ground Alliance...its data shows an underground utility line is damaged every eight minutes across the nation, because someone decided to dig without first calling 811.

According to Sunshine 8-1-1, again, you should call two business days before digging.  Everyone who calls reaches the call notification center.  Information about the dig is taken and passed on to utility companies.  Professional locaters will then visit the dig site to mark the approximate location of underground lines with spray paint or flags. 

Call before you dig…call 8-1-1 before every project...every time, everywhere.

Now, a quick update on a story we brought you recently.  It concerns the access road to the Sam's Club off of Frankford Avenue in Panama City.

If you recall, we pointed out the problems with this part of the privately-owned road as a hole seemed to be getting bigger and bigger.  This was the result of temporary repairs after an underground water line had broken.  Back in February.  some drivers expressed concerns of trying to use the handy shortcut and possibly damaging their vehicles.

Since our story aired couple of weeks ago, the hole has been filled in and repaired to make it safer for travel.  Definite good news for those drivers who take that road for a visit to Sam's Club and McDonald's.