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School Choice Open Enrollment Begins Monday

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For parents who wish to participate in School Choice, applications are being accepted now.

With new zones for next year, parents like Jennifer Lucas, are looking into School Choice so that their children can remain at their current school.

"Our students have been going to this school [Dean Bozeman] since kindergarten. They've built relationships with the teachers here and the kids. It's even more than that for us. We've built a house out here. We've built a job schedule around this school,' says Lucas. 

There are five schools affected by the rezoning. For parents, like Lucas, who want their kids to be grandfathered into their current school, they have to apply for School Choice.

"They still need to go through the School Choice process," says Lee Stafford, Director of Student Services for Bay District Schools. "We have to look at capacities. If they don't get in through the school choice process, there is the hardship process that they can always request through that."

The Hardship process allows parents to explain any extenuating circumstances on why a certain school is requested.

Open enrollment for school choice began Monday. Parents can submit an application on the Bay District School's website where you can also see if your current zone has changed. Parents will have until May 14th to apply.

"The applications that are submitted in that thirty day window of time are all treated equally," says Stafford. "So a parent doesn't have to rush to submit an application today verses submitting the application on May 14th."

Kindergartners and other students new to the District must physically register at their zoned school before applying for School Choice.

Families who participate will have to provide their own transportation.