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Calhoun County Sheriff's Office Cracking Down On Meth

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"It's almost an epidemic right now," said Lt. William Wheetley. "It's taking over."

Lt. Wheetley talking about producing methamphetamine.  

"One person teaches another person and it spreads like wildfire," said Lt. Wheetley. 

Since Calhoun County Sheriff Glenn Kimbrel took office in January, he's been cracking down on the drug. 

"It is destroying people's lives," said Sheriff Kimbrel. 

In a time span of a little more than a hundred days, investigators have made 22 arrests and have investigated nine meth labs.

"You're averaging a lab about every 11 days," said Lt. Wheetley.

While Lt. Wheetley says that's a high average, he also says the drug is easy to make and the ingredients can be found at your local drug store.

"Once somebody teaches ya, it spreads throughout the community," said Lt. Wheetley. 

However, the materials can be hazardous and therefore the dangers of meth surpass just those who are chasing a high.

"It affects the community as a whole," said Sheriff Kimbrel. 

Sheriff Kimbrel says cracking down on these labs might help eliminate other crime.

"Your other crimes are tied to meth use," said Sheriff Kimbrel. "Theft of property ties to meth use, child abuse."

He goes on to domestic abuse in addition to the selling of scrap metal for extra cash to make the drug are common offenses tied to meth use as well.