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First Responders Receive Funding For Life Saving Tools

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First responders with Panama City Beach Police's Beach and Surf Patrol have new equipment.

"It's really nice to have nice new equipment that you know everything is gonna work correctly," said Allison Marshall with Beach and Surf Patrol. She says she is grateful for the new tools she and others use on a daily basis.

"My favorite, the waterproof radios," said Marshall. "We can actually take them out in the water while we're training now so we can pay attention to the radio now."

The submersible radios are not just helpful but a first for Beach and Surf Patrol. 

"We've never had them before," said Marshall. "So always when it was pouring rain and we're out there changing flags, we kinda like put our rain gear over everything so you're struggling trying to listen while the wind is blowing 30 miles per hour because you're trying to shelter your radio from everything that's going on out there."

Thanks to a nearly $29,000 grant by the Fireshouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, patrol is seeing more than just radios, but a variety of new equipment. 

"It's a lot easier now to transport somebody without having to throw everything out first because we have these great bed slides," said Marshall. 

They have new automated external defibrillators, rescue boards, along with rescue bags and vests.

"It's most certainty necessary equipment," said Lt. Rich McClanahan with the Panama City Beach Police Department. "A lot of the equipment gets used so much just being out in the weather, it gets worn down so fast and it replaces a lot of the older equipment."

The grant from Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation is a huge help to the department's budget and effort to continue serving the city that sees 6.4 million people each year.  

"The police departments budget you know is funded by you know different sources, tax payers and business," said Lt. McClanahan. "Something like this relieves a strain and a budgetary burden."

Meanwhile, over the bridge in Lynn Haven, there are some new areas showcasing some new decor. 

Thanks to the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, new automated external defribilators, or AED's, are now available at four different locations throughout the city

Chief John Delonjay with lLnn Haven Fire and Emergency Services wanted these life saving machines because it helps make the community safer.

Chief Delonjay says sudden cardiac arrest claims more than 250,000 lives in the United States; one every two minutes. 

But AED's are a tool that can help save those wo are experiencing such condition.

The city has already received four of them worth $6,500 and have them put in place at heavy populated areas.