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Parker's Mayor-Elect Talks Future Goals

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Parker, Fla. -

Tuesday night's municipal elections resulted in many upsets. Most noteworthy were the changes to the chief executives of Springfield and Parker.

Rich Musgrave, a father of two and a resident to the Donalson Point area has big plans for the city of Parker. After a bit of celebrating, he says he's ready to hit the ground running. "I think I threw my hands in the air and did a yahoo or something like that."

Rich Musgrave was overcome by emotion Tuesday evening, when the results came pouring in. Although, his lead over incumbent Tonya Barrow was slim on Election Day, it was with early and absentee votes that he took the city's top seat.

"Some people had told me they were ready for a change, whatever that means. Other people had checked me out, they liked what they say and felt comfortable that I could provide professional leadership."

But Parker has a tough road ahead. Musgrave says their biggest challenge will be to bring financial stability to city. Last week, at a candidate forum, some discussed an ad valorum tax. 

"We're very limited, therefore you first need to look at the expense side of the books and make sure that every dollar we're spending is both appropriate and necessary."

During his campaign Musgrave said he would push for grants, hiring grant writers based on commission. "But once you've exhausted all the possibilities and we've optimized all the grant opportunities and we have a disconnect between our revenues and expenses, at that point you need to go to the community."

But that won't be an easy decision for him. "The hard ache that I have for that is that we have so many senior citizens that are on fixed incomes and that they are barely making it."

Mayor-elect Musgrave says once he is sworn in, he will take approximately 3 to 6 months to evaluate the needs of the city. He'll do so by talking with employees and his colleagues on the city council, but stresses that in that time, he will not make any knee jerking decision.