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Arnold's Timmy Moriarty- Scholar Athlete of the Week

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The Arnold weightlifting team has quite the reputation in Bay County, winning it's 8th straight county championship last month. Now, the squad is headed to state, and they're lead by Senior Timmy Moriarty, who may not be the biggest guy in the weight room- but when it comes to getting done, there's no one that's much better.

"I've always been 119, I've always been the little guy," laughed Timmy.

Little in weight class, but big in results, as Timmy's yet to be beaten this year, winning a county title in his weight class, and qualifying for state by amassing a total of 445 pounds- 25 pounds more then his closest competitor at state.

"In our team aspect, we put Timmy as our leader," said head weightlifting coach Bobby Britton. "We think he's going to go out there and score the most points for us, and hopefully do something well so we can etch our names in the history books here at Arnold High SChool."

"If I have a spare moment of time, I'm in the weight room," said Timmy. "Whether it just be form, light weight, or heavyweight, I'm making sure that I'm going to be a state champion no matter what happens."

That drive to succeed comes from a tough loss last year, where Timmy finished third at state.

"It haunts me everyday, and it motivates me everyday to just get that one more rep," he said. 

But it's not just lifting weights where he's found success- as Timmy does work in the classroom, holding a 4.04 GPA taking AP and dual enrolled classes.

"Being that solid, academic, student-athlete guy here at Arnold just shows the testament of what's really going on out here on the beach," said Coach Britton.

"Whether it be they look up to me and want to be as good, or they want to be #1 too and they want to be competitive, I think they've sparked their competition, and it's guided me to be better too," said Timmy of his influence of his influence on his teammates.

Hard work's paid off in Timmy's future as well- as next year, he'll attend Notre Dame, but before that dream becomes reality, Timmy's got one more thing he wants to accomplish.

"The only two goals I've ever wanted in my life was to get into Notre Dame and I've accomplished that, and the only other goal I've set out for myself was to be a state champion," he said. "So if I could leave with that State Championship ring on my finger, I've accomplished everything I've wanted to do in high school."

Timmy's dream looks to become reality as Arnold starts state competition on Friday. At Notre Dame, Timmy says he wants to major in bio molecular and chemical engineering, as well as business. As far as weightlifting goes, he hopes to help train Notre Dame's football team.