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Lucas Dunn: Living The Dream

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This summer, Lucas Dunn has a pretty exciting schedule lined up. The youth baseball player made the 15 and under German National Team, and will travel to Europe to play in two tournaments with the squad.

"This is our team after the game, I'm obviously the smallest," laughed Lucas.

Lucas is 13 years old, and stands a non-imposing five feet tall. But when the Surfside Middle School student traveled to the Dominican Republic last month for Spring Training with the 15 and under German National team, it didn't take long for his future teammates to realize his talent is larger then life.

"I got out, changed in the parking lot, and went out and had a round of BP and it was probably one of the best BP's I've ever had," he said. "From then on out, they really respected me, and it was a lot easier to get along with them."

Lucas quickly found other similarities to the team, as despite his American upbringing, Lucas is fluent in German.

"For me to finally be involved with something really German, it really made that side of my family really happy and really proud," he said.

Even with all the similarities- it was Lucas' game that set him apart. His week as Spring Training was so impressive, Lucas claimed the lead-off position, and a spot as starting center fielder.

"It's really awesome because nobody, not that I know of, has done it in Bay County, and only two people have done it at my age in Germany," he said.

With his starting position locked up, Lucas will leave in late June to play in Germany for two weeks before taking the field in Sweden for the European Championships- and he knows there's much work to be done before then.

"Working out, hitting, fielding, all that stuff. We know that we're representing as a team, and we'll be the best that Germany has to offer has, and we got chosen to do this so I'll obviously be nervous, but I'll be okay," Lucas said.

Lucas added he's kept in good touch with his teammates through social media sites such as Facebook, and said he's excited to get back with them a play ball this summer.