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White Sands Triathlon

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Over 100 athletes hit the chilly Gulf of Mexico Saturday morning for the Spring installment of the White Sands Triathlon. White Sands is a sprint triathlon featuring a 600 meter swim, a 16 miles bike ride, and finished with a 5k.

Nick Chase took first for the guys, with a time of 1:16:44, which Christine Krueger finished first for the ladies at 1:19:19. Race director John Hensz said Saturday's race is a great warm-up for bigger triathlons down the road.

"One of the biggest things is you have to figure out is with your new gear, hey, does it rub funny here? How do I do this transition?" he said. "It's always great to get the extra experience swimming in the gulf, because the Gulf Coast Triathlon and the Ironman are going to be in these exact same waters, and they're on these exact same roads as well. A lot of people will come specifically for this race, or specifically for the Gulf Coast, to prepare themselves possibly for Ironman."