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Panama City Schools, Residents Celebrate Earth Day

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Even the most unexpected crowd was celebrating Earth Day Monday.

"I mean what are three guys doing buying flowers?" said Chris Navaro. "I mean look at us!"

At Lowe's Outdoor Garden Center crowds were carrying out the mother load to celebrate Mother Earth.

"We have had several people coming in,because it has been Earth Day," said Dana Smith, head cashier for the department. "And they want to get the extra flowers to plant."

Monday, home improvement stores added extra incentive for people to celebrate.

"We gave away three hundred packs of tomato seeds for the first three hundred customers to walk through the door," said Smith. "And they enjoyed getting that."

"I don't really have a green thumb but I try," said Sara Chace, a teach at St. Andrews school in Panama City.

Thanks to a $5000 grant from Lowe's, the school is celebrating Earth Day in style.

"We have started a greenhouse over here," said Chase. "And we've got plants going and we are just all having a good time right now.

"It was Earth Day, so that just made it all the more special."

Students have spent the last several weeks growing their very own garden. Soon that garden will be expanded.

The St. Andrews Community Garden is set to move to the school in the near future.

"And then the kids will probably see something more professional going on , on the other side of the campus," said Chace. "So, that's always kind of exciting to say, 'Wow, maybe someday ours will look like that.'"

The community garden is flourishing with flowers, vegetables, and more. St. Andrews School teachers hope gardeners will bring their green thumbs and expertise with them.

"I'm sure that they will want to help us," said Chase. "Help ours grow a little bit bigger too.

"So, we'll be good for each other."  

This year, more than 1 billion people are expected to participate in Earth Day in more than 192 countries.