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District Holds Workshops Tuesday Morning

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The Newtown School Massacre has school districts across the nation examining their safety and security measures. Here at home, the superintendent formed a safety task force to assess the system and make recommendations for improvement.

Overall the task force commended the District on the security measures already in place, however, there are some areas that can be improved.

Some of the recommendations presented at Tuesday's workshop include improving communication between the District and other agencies, increase training, and increase the number of on-site school resource officers. One of the main challenges of the safety task force is to develop a way to fund these suggested measures.

"The main desire that they had is to perform in an intergovernmental task force that would get together, have the responsibility of securing some type of funding source that would be dedicated for school safety. This should be something that would be long term so that your not trying to do patch work and put together a safety program that would be one way one year and then would have to change the next because of funding cuts," says Britt Smith, the chairman of the task force.

Another workshop Tuesday focused on the need for all students to have digital access and devices. As state and federal requirements continue to shift toward more technology in education, The bay district technology team is expressing a need for more digital access and devices.