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Governor Scott Signs Synthetic Drug Ban Legislation

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New legislation banning 27 new synthetic drugs is now in effect. Governor Rick Scott signed the bill on Thursday stating it's a continued effort to keep Florida families and visitors to our state safe.

"Its always turn the molecule a little bit and it will come back as something else," said Captain Faith Bell with the Narcotics Division at the Bay County Sheriff's Office.

Captain Bell is talking about synthetic drugs which are unlike others and are ever changing.

"We know cocaine is cocaine and meth is meth...these what we call synthetic are chemicals shipped in from other countries labeled something else everything from floor cleaner to glass cleaners"

Last December, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi teamed up with Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen among others and filed an emergency ruling banning 22 new synthetic drugs.

"After that point it's an illegal drug, but under the emergency rule statue," said Capt. Bell.

But as of Thursday, Governor Rick Scott signed legislation that now bans 27 synthetic drugs.

"If these drugs aren't controlled, then we have no teeth, no way to deal with," said Capt. Bell. "It's important to us to make it into law, if people aren't going to make it into law, then the law has to do the right thing and stop it."

Captain Bell says they don't see the synthetic drugs over the counter but in the underground drug world.

"For us, we're seeing them in the illegal drug world such as the marijuana, cocaine, meth so all of it now pretty much on the street is referred to as Molly."

They are drugs that have life-changing effects, some of which remain to be seen.

"Every time we ban one chemical, they find one more chemical to use," said Captain Bell. "That's what we're doing here."

Attorney General Pam Bondi supported the legislation and thanked the Governor for signing it.