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NAACP Holds Informational Meeting To Discuss Dozier School For Boys

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"I have learned a lot today, learned a lot a lot about the school," said Shilda Peoples.

But one thing Peoples still doesn't know is where her uncle, Robert Stevens, is. She says the man she never had the chance to meet was killed by fellow students at the Dozier School for Boys in 1937.

"I don't know where he's buried, but he's buried somewhere at Dozier," said Peoples.

She and other family traveled from Gadsen County to listen learn and ask questions at the NAACP's informational meeting they held Saturday open to the public.

They want closure and feel they can find that if researchers are able to go through with their next step...exhumation and then identification through DNA testing.

"We are willing to take these tests," said Peoples. "Me and all of my cousins to find out where you know, Robert it is."

Attorney General Pam Bondi filed a petition to exhume bodies in March.  

State Prosecutor Nick Cox, on behalf of Bondi, told the public Saturday that Judge Wright is currently awaiting information from both Cox and Jackson County's attorney before proceeding with the case.

"So that's where we are legally," said Cox.

Saturday's meeting included lead researcher from the University of South Florida research team Dr. Erin Kimmerle...who presented her research....and answered questions.

Her team believes they are more burials that extend beyond Boothill cemetery.

The public was also invited to check out the cemetery.

"We wanted people to not only look at the news, but you know what, I was there," said Elmore Bryant, the Area Director for the NAACP.  

In addition to family, multiple NAACP members from chapters across the region attended, along with individuals who were once residents of the school.

State Prosecutor Cox hopes to have the information the judge is currently waiting on in order to proceed with the exhumation petition, in this upcoming week.