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Econfina Creek Canoe Livery Reopens

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Bay County, Fla. -

A treasured resource in Bay County is back open again for business 7 days a week. The Econfina Creek Canoe Livery gives visitors the opportunity to paddle down Florida's most beautiful canoe trail.

Serene landscapes and crystal clear waters are definitely something to look forward to when visiting the Econfina Creek. Year round the water temperature lingers at about 70 degrees. But that doesn't mean that many choose to brave the cold in the winter.

"This is the good time of the year for us." Debbie Gay, the owner of the Econfina Creek Canoe Livery says around May, traffic tends to pick up. "Well it's been building over the years. In 85 there were very few that knew about us and over the years of course it is the best kept secret in the Panhandle."

With over 60 canoes and close to 50 kayaks, things can get a little hectic. "The weekends are definitely our busiest time. If you want to get it really quiet, a week day early in the morning is good.  And that's a great time to go out have the creek more to yourself," Gay said.

If loading up onto a boat isn't your kind of thing, there are areas to enjoy the springs. Williford Springs and Pitt Spring are both fantastic places to enjoy these natural wonders; it's something Gay says she's enjoyed all her life.

"It's a way of life. My whole intention when we started this was that it would be back the way that god made it. You won't see asphalt, a lot of cement. It's as close to natural as we can keep it."

The springs provide a majority of the water to Deer Point Lake, Bay County's main drinking water supply. 

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