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Mother & Daughter Graduate Together At Chipola College

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It's an exciting day for Sunny Neve and her daughter, Shyann Jackson.

"It's graduation day," said Neve.

But this mother won't be sitting in the audience Thursday night at Chipola College.

"We decided to do it together as a family effort and so now we're both walking away with degrees," said Neve.

Her daughter, Shyann Jackson, 19, was diagnosed at age 15 with a condition that limits her strength, leaves her constantly fatigued, and keeps a lack of blood flowing to her brain.

"In order for her to go to school," said Neve, "I had to go to school with her."

Neve and Jackson enrolled as full time students in Chipola College's Culinary Management program in August 2011.

Meanwhile, Neve still balanced a full-time job.

She'd drive because I wasn't able to drive and she'd help me in class when id be sitting there and I couldn't remember what the guy just said," said Jackson. "So she'd have to repeat it and I'd have to go back and write it down."

It's a journey that wasn't always easy, but been nothing other than rewarding.

"She helped me with everything," said Jackson. "I don't think I could've done it if she hadn't done it with me."

Because of her condition, Jackson wasn't able to graduate high school and Neve never did finish college.

"If it weren't for my daughter who needed my support and help, I wouldn't have done it," said Neve. "I thank my daughter everyday being there rooting me on as well."

This accomplishment marks a milestone for each and has brought this mother and daughter duo even closer.

They hope to eventually open a bakery of their own.