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Runaway Guide Website Creator Responds to News 13's Questions

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News 13: Do you think your website encourages teens to runaway? Yes, my site does promote and even glorifies running away but in the figurative sense. It is designed to prepare, empower, and inspire others to travel the world. Through my guides I illustrate that travel can be extremely cheap, and if you're up for it, even free. It is for "the runaway" in all of us.

However, in no way does it promote kids to run away from home. In fact it completely discourages it, a realization that should be evident upon further investigation into my guides. Here I illustrate the extent of my mental and physical suffering during that year alone on the road without a dime. I encourage kids under 18 to seek more orthodox means of travel, such as a gap year or study abroad. I also advise them to first seek their parents consent.

News 13: Do you think your website glamorizes living on the street? My website glamorizes the freedom inherent to travel. In all articles pertaining to traveling without money, as I did when I was 16, none of the hardships are omitted. It is clear that traveling completely broke is tough. All of my fans who follow my travel blog regularly realize that while I am on a tight budget, I'm not roughing it like I used to.

News 13: Some of the activities you provide instructions for can be considered illegal, are you ok with that? In the one article that actually pertains to kids running away, my primary goal has always been to dissuade them from doing so. In fact, part of the reason why I started this travel blog was to provide an informed resource by someone who actually ran away. Previously all that was available to kids was this terrible wiki article, It has an even more detailed step by step guide and it hardly touches on the negative implications of running away.