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Recycling Facility Creates Headache in Springfield Neighborhood

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Some recycling bins are creating a headache for a Springfield neighborhood. The bins are one of a few drop off sites for Bay County's Recycling Program.

They're are on Martin Lake Drive off of Transmitter Road. While News 13 was there Tuesday afternoon, a few people dropped of their recyclable materials. But, residents who live on the street said others are abusing the bins.

"It started with two. We're up to six," said Springfield resident Chris Walker who lives on the same street.

Walker says you cannot miss the six blue bins while driving on Transmitter Road.

"They picked this area because it was open. It can't be used for anything because it's Gulf Power easement, and it was very accessible when we first started the program," said Mayor Ralph Hammond.

Neighbors brought their concerns to the Mayor and commission's attention at Monday's meeting.

Walker says the collection site which was a good thing for the city about three years ago is now a safety hazard.

"It brings people to the neighborhood that are stealing out of the recycling bins. It kind of makes it where you don't want your kid to go out and play," said Walker.

However, less than 24 hours after the meeting, the mayor and commissioners are looking into a solution. 

"I got with our code enforcement officer this morning. He contacted the county recycling program. We're currently working to see what we can do. We want it gone. We're looking at different locations," said Hammond.

Mayor Hammond said the city was able to speak with the county's recycling program Tuesday afternoon. He expects to discuss other options for the bins on Wednesday.