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F101 Jet Removed from Panama City Marina

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How do you honor history and welcome progress?

With a multimillion dollar marina project on the horizon, a patriotic symbol is moved to make way for future plans.

"About eight and half hours [Tuesday] cutting the wings off and of course this morning we've been out here since about 7:30," said Marcus Parrish from Panama City Public Works.  

For some the move means embracing that change.

"It's iconic for the city and in the interest of the City Marina," said Panama City Resident Bill Hamilton. "We are going to miss it, but it's also kind of in the way of progress."

But for those like George Bell, it means moving history.

"Stuff like this just means a lot," said Bell. "It's a piece of history that's being moved out of our presence."

Bell lives close by and has carefully documented the jet's history.

"This is one of its last flights," said Bell. "I'm going to miss it."

As it rose, hearts sank. Many looked on as the jet went airborne for one of the last times.

More than a dozen onlookers came to bare witness to the planes departure, which made for an unusual sight.

"I just happened to stumble on the crane this morning," said Hamilton. "And I'm intrigued by the engineering."

"It's an unusual request," said Parrish. "But I think we've pulled it off."

For Bell, it's a sight he won't soon forget.

"I'll never forget it," said Bell. "Till my dying day I wont forget it.

"Mentally, I'll be able to see it."

The jet was taken by semi truck to an unknown location where it will be dismantled. Panama City Community Redevelopment Agency tells News13 they have plans for some of the parts are in the works for the future.