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A New Species of Fish is Discovered in Florida

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The Choctaw bass will now join the list of types of black bass found in Florida.  The bass was discovered after scientists with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation and Commission compared tissue samples of shoal bass from the Chipola River with other black bass in the state and found no genetic match. 

The completely new species looks similar to other bass but has some different features. "The Choctaw bass looks very similar to a spotted bass and you can tell a spotted bass from a Choctaw bass from the largemouth bass by a tooth patch a rectangular tooth patch that's on the tongue if you stick your thumb into the basses mouth you can kind of feel that and then the two dorsal fins are more connected and often times there's rows of spots along the lateral lines," Fisheries Biologist, Katie Woodside said. 

The best places to catch the Choctaw bass are in fast flowing water with woody structures, such as Holmes Creek and Big Escambia Creek.