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Editorial: Silence is Golden

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Many of you have heard about the threats made by an organization in Kansas. These people are threatening to come to our area and organize protests at our schools, churches and against those who serve our country.

This group, based on hate, attempts to use concerned citizens like you who are reaching out to us anger, upset that they may come to our area. The small organization, made up mostly of family members, is known for finding a way for you and us, the media, to help spread their message out to the masses. If it was not for newspapers, television stations radio broadcasters and social media outlets, we would most likely not know about these people at all. 

WMBB will not be covering anything to do with this family. Our stance will be to ignore them and not give in to their attempts to gain free air time for their cause, if you can call it that.  There's even a Facebook event "Silence in P.C." that is taking the same stance and we support them fully.

The last time the organization threatened to come to our area was in 2011 when they said they would protest a memorial service of a Niceville family who died in a plane crash. They never came. At that time WMBB did cover the group's phone interview on local radio station and our partner, 97X. That was before we learned that they use similar tactics of threats to garner such media attention across the country. It is likely that once again that they won't even show up.

In closing, I will borrow the quote being used by our friends at Island 106 in reference to this situation, "Sometimes ignoring is the appropriate response." – George Meyer.

Heather Kretzer
News Director