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Students Help Beautify Rutherford

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Rutherford High School Senior Ashleigh Bragiel is graduating this year, but she is leaving her mark behind.

"It feels good," says Bragiel. "when everyone passes by it, "Ashleigh Bragiel did that."

Bragiel and several others from her art class are creating "Ram Pride" murals, an idea generated by the school's new principal this year, Coy Pilson. It is an effort to beautify the school and instill more school spirit.

"I was walking around the campus and I saw a lot of blank spaces that I thought could use something," says Pilson.  "I got together with our art teachers...and I said ladies "what can we do to improve the look of the school?"

Pilson and school art teachers, like Jennifer Doster, initiated the project at the end of last year.

"We decided to do something that would enhance the visual image of the school," says Doster. "[We] used the school colors, so we limited our selves to a pallet of four colors, black and white and two yellows. The intent was to have a cohesiveness to decorate the school and show Ram Pride."

It's a sense of beauty and school spirit that Pilson hopes to develop.

"I think it's important for students to connect to their school and have a sense of pride in their school," says Pilson.  

For graduating students, like Bragiel, they are excited to be a part of this blossoming tradition.

"I'm excited to be the second class to do it. I'm kind of excited to come back and see next year's and the year after that. And just to be a part of it, feels good," says Bragiel.  

The murals are painted on hurricane panels with house paint. Then they are varnished and framed to make sure they will hold up over the years.