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Possible Changes to the VPK Program at Cedar Grove Elementary

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Parents hoping to enroll their students next year into the Voluntary Pre-K Program at Cedar Grove Elementary may not have that option. The school says space could be the problem for the four year-olds.

According to the school's principal Phillip Campbell, the school is about to begin a multi-million dollar renovation project. In preparation for the construction, the school will have to lose some of its old modulars.

The project, funded by the half-cent sales tax, is for a state-of-the-art media center, new administration offices and even two new classrooms. To make space for this project, the school is possibly losing space for the one VPK unit and the VPK blended class. The VPK blended class is made up of half VPK students and half students with special needs. These ESE students will most likely be able to mix in with another ESE class at the school.

Campbell says they are still working to find ways to keep the VPK students at Cedar Grove, however, parents may need to make other arrangements.

"We're continuing to talk about the possibility of keeping at least one VPK unit," says Campbell. "We're looking at every classroom space, but we did have to notify parents that there is a possibility that we won't be able to have it here at Cedar Grove. I personally don't like that at all because I love to have my little ones and bring them along. Then they go right into kindergarten."

Campbell says there are several VPK programs at the other area elementary schools. They should have an answer by the end of next week.