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Bay High's Devyn Austin- Scholar Athlete of the Week

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The Bay High Lady Tornado basketball team was very young this year, boasting just three seniors. It was those three seniors though that made the different, stepping up and providing leadership that led Bay to an appearance in the postseason. One of those seniors is Devyn Austin, who isn't the tallest player on the floor, in fact, she's more often then not the smallest. But her presence is greater then her height, and her influence on her teammates, is even bigger.

"We tried to put her in the basketball bag one time, that's how small she is," said teammate Jasmine James. "So we zipped her up, and tried to put her in there. She's very small, but her personality, her influence, and her leadership is very big."

That leadership contributed just over five points and nearly two rebounds per game for the Lady Tornadoes- who snagged a district runner-up finish before falling in the Regional Quarterfinals this season.

"We went on to advance in Regionals, and that was pretty nice to have one last year in the Regionals," said Devyn. "We all pulled together, because I'm used to being a leader in the classroom and also on the court."

It's Devyn's ability to excel on both the court and the classroom that sets her apart, as she balances a 4.1 GPA.

"Eat. Sleep. Homework," said Devyn of her schedule. "Sometimes you wake up at three in the morning to finish your homework, and then it's back to basketball practice."

"Everytime we would go off out of town, she was always studying and doing her work," said Jasmine. "She's very focused about her schoolwork."

That focus caught the eye of Florida State University- where Devyn plans to attend for college, and although she'll be giving up playing the sport she loves competitively, she's got much bigger plans in the works.

"Devyn will go after whatever she believes in," said Jasmine. "Whatever Devyn is after, I know she'll make it, I know she'll be successful. There's no doubt about it."

"There's many opportunities, it's really unlimited," said Devyn. "It's all about what you limited yourself too, and I'm just going to go after what I want."

Devyn says she wants to go into sports broadcasting, and her ideal job? Working for ESPN.