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New Owner for Springfield Property May Bring New Development

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There are new developments in Springfield concerning a long-closed business property.  Several options are being considered after our News 13 story aired last fall.  Details on the possible options in this Problem Solver report.

The old building housed a nightclub, dance hall, restaurant and even more businesses.  But for almost six years now, the place has been silent.  It was once known as Stetson's…built more than forty years ago.  It is easy to spot on Third Street in Springfield just yards from the Callaway city limits.

As we told you back in November, a bank at that time had taken possession of the unstable building from the former property owner.  The outside needed some work, but the real problems were inside.  Code enforcement told us, there were several safety issues here.

After our story aired, it generated interest in somebody actually wanting to purchase the property.  According to Lee Penton, Springfield's Code Enforcement Officer, "I talked to the owner and mentioned that to her and that was what peaked the interest… I don't know if that was their interest as much as it was the bank people watching there."  And what might be in the future for this property?  Penton says, "mentioned anything sort of like our community center, have rentals where people have weddings and events here or they have mentioned a restaurant.  I don't think they are real sure, but they have got a lot of good ideas.  And they have started to board it up.  They have installed security systems to keep people from going in and out and that was our main problem before."

We will keep you updated on the next step in possible development at the Springfield location.  By the way, Len Penton says they city is taking more of a pro-active approach instead of reactive to code enforcement.  This he says, to try to take care of  issues well before they get significantly out of hand.