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Governor Signs Texting and Driving Bill

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Today Governor Rick Scott signed an important piece of legislation. The law bans the use of communication devices to text while driving.

Officers say this bill is a good start, but enforcing the new law could prove to be difficult.

The bill signed today prohibits a person from manually typing or entering multiple letters, numbers, symbols or other characters into a wireless communication device.

Springfield Police Chief Philip Thorne says, "its a bill that we've seen go through the legislature for five or six years now that finally passed this year."

It makes texting and driving a nonmoving traffic violation. Chief Thorne says, "It's going to be very difficult to enforce, with it being a secondary offense. That means that an officer has to have another reason to pull you over and if he finds while he's got you that you were in fact texting, then he can cite you for that."

However it's going to be difficult for law enforcers to prove. "The only time that the officer can utilize your phone records is if you're involved in a crash with serious bodily injuries or death," he says.

Other states enforce much more serious laws than this one, and citizens believe this is not going to be the answer.

Tennessee resident Mark Pass says, "In Tennessee, it's against the law you'll get pulled over for texting." Panama City resident Waveney Irving says, "you can put a ban on it but its not going to solve anything."

Florida is now the 40th state to ban texting behind the wheel. The new law will go into effect October 1st.