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Frankin County Sees Rain, Wind Gusts from Tropical Storm Andrea

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Franklin County Officials prepared for the worst, but dodged much of the storm.  Now they are breathing a sigh of relief after the warning issued early this morning.

"Warning went out at five o'clock this morning," said Pamela Brownell of the Emergency Operations Center.

The EOC in Franklin County was activated to level two for the storm.

"I didn't sleep last night," said Brownell, who anticipated the lift of the Tropical Storm Warning Thursday afternoon.

"We do have a northerly wind right now that is blowing the water away from us," said Brownell. "So, we are not expecting as much flooding as we were originally told."

While St. George Island and Apalachicola did see some gusty winds, it wasn't enough to close down bridges or roads.

"Ball point has had some gusts up to 40 miles an hour," said Brownell. "But, yea things are looking pretty good for us.

"But, again the National Weather Service does not have a crystal ball and things can change so quickly."

The Apalachicola River and other parts of the county won't see the full effect of this storm until rain from northern states makes its way down to the Apalachicola Basin. Emergency Operations Officials say at that time waters could rise one to two feet above normal.

"But, we work very closely now with Taulcom," said Brownell. "So, they start letting water down and they let us know preparing for that."

Vacationers in the Apalachicola area were braving the rain with umbrellas. Cassie Nixon and her family are in the area for the second time under a tropical storm warning.

"So, this isn't your first time dealing with bad weather in Florida?

"No," said Nixon. "We have bad luck apparently."

Last year the family visited the same time Tropical Storm Debby rocked the Forgotten Coast.

"But, it's not keeping you from being out?

"No," said Nixon. "We decided to enjoy it even if it's raining."

Franklin County is still expecting significant rainfall of more than six inches in some areas.