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Surfers Riding The Rough Surf In Panama City Beach

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Panama City Beach, FL -

It's the sound of pure bliss.

"Whenever there's waves in P-C, we're happy," said Blake Hornsby.

As the waves crash against each other, surfers are living the dream.

"Drove over to come surf," said Sam Breit. "There's some good waves, why not? It's summer, we got nothing else to do."

Breit and his buddies arrived from Melbourne at 5:00a.m. Thursday. 

"We saw the weather forecast and got in our car and drove out here," said Breit.

As many Floridans tend to be on guard during Hurricane Season, surfers are gearing up.

"It's like Christmas for surfers."

Surfers wait and hope for a storm so they can put their boards and skill to use.

"We look forward to it," said Gunnar Schmuss. "Everyone else is trying to board up their windows, we're waxing up our boards ready to go."

But while they're riding waves, eating salt, and taking advantage of the rougher water, double red flags are flying high. Double red means swimming is prohibited.

Rip currents are high, waves are high," said Lt. Steve Nagy, with the Bay County Sheriff's Office Beach Precinct. "It is extremely dangerous, so I would tell you to stay out of the water today."

Only those who have a floatation device, like a surf board, are allowed into the water.

"It's written into the county ordinance that it is allowed," said Lt. Nagy. "[As long as] they've got a surfboard and they have a leash. They need to be experienced to make it safe, but they're completely allowed to be out here and actually they're a help to us at different times."

As Tropical Storm Andrea continues to make her way on shore, surfers have one thing on their mind.

"Waves," said surfer Blake Hornsby.

And they'll continue to seek that adrenaline rush for as long as they can.

Lt. Nagy says these double red flags could remain for the next few days and those who do choose to swim in the beach waters on the county side, could face a fine.