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ONE on ONE with Mark Bowen

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Tropical Storm Andrea was a reminder that Hurricane Season has started. Weather experts are telling folks to get ready, and to be prepared. Here in Bay County, we've been through enough storms in the last 20 years to know how important bottled water and spare flash lights can be, but Bay County Emergency Operations Chief Mark Bowen says every year is different.

"The county is as ready as it can be, Bowen says, every year, we get better, every year we learn something more." When asked what residents should do to prepare, Bowen says," you know, the first thing to do is the basics, how am I going to stay alive if there is no water in my tap and my power is off ?How am I gonna take care of myself and my family and my pets?"

Bowen says residents should get ready now, and not wait until a storm is in the Gulf. Hurricane Season ends november 30th.