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Panama City Couple Proves True Love Has No Age Limit

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It began with a simple act of old fashioned good deed that didn't go un-noticed.

Saturday, that gentleman and his lady tied the knot at the Saint Andrew's Towers in Downtown Panama City, the place where they fell in love.

It's a love story that proves love has no age limit and how it finds us when we least expect it.

The bride and groom are neighbors. She lived on the ninth floor and the groom moved onto the eighth about six months ago.

And well the rest, is history.

"I carried her groceries up to her room and that's when I got into trouble," said Frank Radcliff. 

"I gave him a kiss on the cheek to say thank you and that was it," said Janet Radcliff. "That was the beginning."

"She calls me up and says she's getting married and I hung up and said Janet, Janet's getting married," said Brenda Lewis, Janet's best friend. "But I'm so excited for her. She deserves it, she deserves to be happy.

"I really wanted to get to know him, but get to know him, not marry, " said the bride.

"I thought she was interested in someone else," explained the groom, Frank Radcliff. "But I went ahead and talked to her and visited her. I began to feel like the Lord was saying something to me."

"When I carried her groceries up, she bent over to kiss me on the cheek and I thought maybe there's something there and it kind of went from there," said the groom.

"I had already determined I was going to stay single," said the Bride. "I had been single for 28 years. I didn't want to wash any man's socks or cook any food, so I continued to tell people that at the towers. But when he [Mr. Radcliff] came into the picture, I had to rethink what I had been thinking for 28 years," said Mrs. Radcliff.

"Knowing that my mother's happy, that is awesome," said the bride's daughter, Cheri Siegelin. "At her age, knowing she has someone in her life to live the rest of her life with, and to know we don't have to sit and worry that she's by herself and it's a blessing."

"It's a new beginning for the two of us, even though I'm 77, he's 76," said the bride. "We know we have a good life ahead of us. We didn't waste anytime. Once we knew we were in love, we decided to get married."

The couple will reside on the eighth floor in Frank's apartment. Janet says it has the better view of Saint Andrews Bay.

They plan to spend their honeymoon in Apalachicola.