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Gulf Coast Baseball & Softball Wrap Up Top 100 College Prospect Series

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Sunday at Gulf Coast State College, one hundred of the best baseball players in the Southeast took the field for the third and final day of this year's Top 100 College Prospect Series. Day one consisted of a recruiting seminar, while Saturday, college and pro scouts watched the guys go through several offensive and defensive drills, as well as a timed 60 yard dash.

Kevin Saucier works with MLB's Scouting Bureau, and says he's been coming to the series every year since it began, and every year, he gets two to three solid prospects for the big leagues. Saucier said events like this weekend's Top 100 are good, and because for him, the work never stops.

"The drafts going on now, and we're already looking for kids for next year and the year after that," said Saucier. "This is a very good event for me because most of these kids come out of my area the Panhandle of Florida, some from Alabama, and it helps me get a head start for next year of kids I want to see. Not only do you get to see them in the workout environment, see their arm strength and see how they field the ball, see the running speed, we also get to see batting practice. Then, when the game takes place, we'll see how these kids perform in game situations."

For the first time ever, the Gulf Coast Lady Commodore softball team hosted a Top 100 College Prospect Series of their own, and with the same principle as the guys, to get seen by college recruiters.

Unlike their male counterparts, the softball Top 100 showcasing several rising Juniors, and even some unsigned recent graduates. Sunday, the ladies took the field for a double header to show their skills, and Marianna catcher Alli-Ann Bigale says she's learned valuable tools to get her to where she wants to be.

"This is actually the first showcase that I have done," said Bigale. "It's been a great experience for me because I'm trying to get out there and be seen by coaches so that I can get to a good college because I've worked hard to get here. They've really helped in giving great advice on how to get there, and they work with you and tell you what you've done wrong and help you be at the college level."