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Speaker of the House, Senator Gaetz Tour iSirona in Panama City

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With a promise for more jobs in the future, iSirona is a fast growing medical software manufacturer based right here in Panama City.

News13 was there Wednesday afternoon as Senator Don Gaetz and Speaker of the House Will Weatherford toured the company's home office.

With incentives created in the house, Senator Gaetz and Speaker Weatherford hope to continue to encourage similar businesses to come to Florida and to Panama City.

While he's getting the hang of the technology aspects of iSirona, Speaker Weatherford says he does understand the company's value.

"How that can be used to drive down in costs in healthcare and what's more exciting is the jobs they are creating in doing it," said Weatherford.

With incentive packages initiated by Gaetz and Weatherford, iSirona has flourished in Panama City and is continuing to grow.

"So, if we can create benchmarks and we can say 'If you reach these milestones we are willing to partner with you and give you tax incentives to expand your workforce,'" said Speaker Weatherford. "And we think its working."

And the proof may be in the numbers, the company has promised to provide 300 more jobs in the future for Panama City. But,, the next big step for Weatherford is linking workforce to education.

"In fact, I was just told in speaking with some of the FSU professors that almost half of the degrees they are producing are going to be stem related degrees," said Speaker Weatherford. "That's a very good thing and I think its going to align perfectly with what we are trying to do in the legislature."

"The additional item we would like to see is more companies like iSirona," said Patrick Leonpacher with iSirona. "So, as we seek to recruit and retain this high caliber talent there's more opportunities than just iSirona here in the area."

"Companies like iSirona are examples of companies that we want to build here, to grow here, to stay here," said Senator Gaetz. "We want more companies like them and we are going to work together to make that happen."

Senator Gaetz and Speaker Weatherford continue the second part to their Work Plan Florida Regional Tour in Northwest Florida by visiting the Ft. Walton Beach, Gulf Breeze and Pensacola.