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Graphic Testimony In Cozzie Murder Trial

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A key witness for the prosecution in the Steven Cozzie murder trial stuns the courtroom into silence with a chilling testimony, Wednesday.

20 year old Michael Spencer was the first person to see the body of 15 year old Courtney Wilkes as he followed his friend to where it all happened hours before.

What was once a close friendship with Cozzie, in a matter of hours dissolved into Spencer fearing for his life.

"I just killed this chick," he said.

Those were the words that Michael Spencer heard come out of Cozzie's mouth that fateful June day. According to Spencer's testimony, the then 21 year old had expressed fantasies. "Raping and killing underage woman, and women his own age," said Spencer of Cozzie's fantasies.

Still, he didn't believe his friend of multiple years was capable. "If they would have asked me two years ago, I would have told him he was my best friend," Spencer said of their friendship.

That friendship would dissolve into horror when Spencer said he was led to the murder site of 15 year old Courtney Wilkes off of the Cassine Nature Trail in Seagrove Beach.

"He told me that he had strangled her with his shirt, her shirt, his bare hands, stomped on the back of her neck, and then found some piece of wood and bashed her head in repeatedly," said Spencer. "His words were, "I stood there and looked at the piece of wood and I asked myself, "do I want to use the flat end or the side, flat end or the side, and then he said "I said F*** it and just started hitting her in the head with the side of it."

Spencer's testimony plays a key role in this case, as he has a first hand account of what happened.

Interestingly, he told Cozzie years before that he had killed two men in his home state of Texas. While that wasn't true, it was brought up by Cozzie before showing him the body.

The defense went through great efforts to perhaps discredit Spencer's testimony as someone prone to story telling.