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A Taunton Father’s Day

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The idea of father's day is more than a century old. It was offically declared a day of celebration the year 1972. In the years since fathers all across the country have been getting ties and tools from their loved ones. The Taunton family is uniquely large and they let us in on how they celebrate their father. David Taunton is a father figure to more than three-hundred children.

Once you turn onto Taunton family road you see various houses, tennis and basketball courts all dedicated to helping raise the many children the Taunton's take in. Children young and old gathered at the house on this Father's Day to celebrate David Taunton. He is a retired Gulf County judge and father to literally hundreds of children. He describes his home as a children's paradise. Mr. and Mrs. Taunton had three children together and over the years they have expanded their family by taking in children from foster care and other agencies.

Mr. Taunton models his parenting style after his father's, "I was one of thirteen, and we took in a lot of other kids besides that even though we were very poor, but my dad, I inherited his heart, and that's actually how the children's home got started."

The Taunton property has multiple homes for taking in more children and David and his wife Abigail plan to keep providing a loving home for children as long as they can.