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Bear Creek Feline Center Welcomes New Cat to the Family

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The Bear Creek Feline Center is celebrating their successful breeding of the Jaguarundi species with the newest member of their family.

"He is four months old and he was born here and raised by me," said Berti Broaddus from the center.  

His bark is bigger than his bite. The hissing sound from the little cat is one of 13 vocalizations the animal uses and that isn't the only thing making his arrival special.

"We are pretty sure that he is the first Jaguarundi to be born in captivity in the United States in the last decade," said Broaddus.

With the Puma and the Cheetah as his closest relatives the Jaguarundi are spotted in places in Florida and even Texas.

"We have the cat here because we feel that it's important that it is one of the cats that lives in Florida along with the Bobcat and the Panther," said Broaddus.

At full size, the young cat will weigh around 27 pounds.

Full grown yea," said Broaddus. "So, he's about half his size."

Just to give you an idea about how small "Yoda" is at just four months old he's a little bit smaller than your normal domestic house cat.

"Right now," said Broaddus. "But it won't be for long. Wait until you see his uncle and father out there.

Biologists country wide have taken interest in the cat. National Geographic will be paying the facility a visit at the end of the month on June 24th.