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Road Rage, Shooting Incident in Jackson County Sends One to Hospital

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A road rage incident just West of Marianna in Jackson County ended up as a shooting at a truck stop. The Jackson County Sheriff's Office said the road rage and shooting incident happened between a group of three motorcyclists who were traveling together and a family in a pick-up truck.

It happened around lunchtime Monday about 30 to 50 miles West of the Interstate 10 Exit at Highway 71 just South of Marianna.

"There's some indication that someone tried to pass someone, maybe cut them off too quick, maybe the weather was causing spray to get on the motorcycles," said Sheriff Lou Roberts

The two groups coincidentally ended up at the same gas station at about the same time. Sheriff Roberts said that's when things re-escalated.

Investigators believe one motorcyclist began firing multiple shots at the truck driver while he was still in the vehicle with his family. The truck driver then pushed the motorcyclists into a fence with his pick up.

The motorcyclist was taken to a Bay County hospital with severe injuries.

Investigators continue to talk to witnesses and the four drivers involved. No one was shot Monday afternoon. Also, no one has been arrested, but the incident remains under investigation.