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Jets Prepped for Gulf

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Two F101 Voodoo jets were removed and given to the Bay County Tourist Development Council for thirty thousand dollars. Now, the jets are taking on a new identity. The jets are being prepped to become new additions to the gulf.

With only a week to go the planes will be ready to serve as an artificial reef and between now and then a lot of man power will be used to make it happen. Volunteers are taking these interceptor aircrafts apart to prepare them for the Gulf. Chief Volunteer, Frank Mancinelli explains why over four hundred pounds of wiring has been removed from the aircrafts, "We're venting the aircraft so that when it goes into the water starts to flood into the aircraft, the air will escape and it will sink without drifting." After the Jets have been properly vented Mancinelli says they will be placed into the Gulf, "They will be about 10 miles out in about 95 ft of water. It's just sand out there so it'll be nice to attract and give fish a place to come into." After the venting process is completed a permit must be approved to drop the planes into the gulf. Workers are hoping the paperwork goes through quickly so the project can be fully complete.