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Burglary at Walton County ReStore

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A store dedicated to helping people has been burglarized.  Habitat for Humanity's ReStore in Walton County is suffering a loss of more than four thousand dollars. The store manager went to open the store Tuesday and discovered a mess in the place of the store office. The building supply thrift store this has been broken into three times since 2009.


Habitat for Humanity has built twenty five homes in Walton County and prides itself on helping those who want to work for a better life and incidents like this hold them back. ReStore Manager Darren Meyers the continuous vandalizing takes a toll, "It's just frustrating. You know, you try and take a step forward and somebody knocks you back." This particular burglary hits Meyers hard, "Basically they took the tools that I use to get my job done." Walton County Sheriffs Spokesperson, Wendy Ammons totaled the loss at over four thousand dollars, "There were numerous items taken, there were tools, construction equipment was taken. There was office supple equipment, computers, and things of that nature taken; also some cash was taken from a drawer." Since the items were totaled more merchandise has been reported as stolen. According to Meyers combating thieves and their mentality has become a part time job, "What we have is donated so they rationalize it in their head, they think that we shouldn't make money on these items because they were donated, but they were donated for the sole purpose for us to raise money for us to help build houses for people, people who are trying to help themselves."  Despite the ReStore is now dealing with he can look past it, "Personally I forgive them. As far as the law is concerned that is a problem they will have to face."


Walton County Criminal Investigations Bureau is actively looking for any suspects and if you have any information on the case please call the Walton County Sheriffs Office at 892-8111.