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Modern Medicine: Aquatic Therapy

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Panama City, Fla. -

Bay Medical-Sacred Heart's aquatic therapy program at HealthPlex is designed for patients with orthopedic problems, back and neck pain, stroke patients and those with Parkinson's disease.  It's a form of therapy that can lead to fast results with little stress on the body.

Physical Therapist Gail Darnell says the warm water helps relax the muscles.

"The buoyancy of the water can either assist or resist their motion, so they can become stronger," explains Darnell.

Pam Sutton is working to do just that.  She has a painful autoimmune condition and the aquatic therapy is helping with the pain.

"The aquatic therapy in particular has given me an opportunity to relieve my symptoms in a far more significant way with very little stress on my body," Sutton says. 

Darnell says patients who have difficulty moving on land can usually get up and moving faster by using aquatic therapy.

She says, "We have a lot of people with back and neck pain and people with pain in their joints or stiffness that can't be treated on land because it hurts too much."

The pool is above ground and has windows.  This makes it easier for the therapist to observe the patient's movements.

Darnell says patients can usually see improvements after just a couple of visits.