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Millions in Sewage Space

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One million dollars could potentially be pumped into the City of Springfield and it's all from sewage? Mexico Beach and Springfield might be able to make a deal that could benefit both of the cities because of sewer space. A sewage plan that once worked now needs to be flushed down the drain.

Flush out the old and bring in a new plan. The new proposal could allow Mexico Beach to allow more people live within in the city limits and bring some much needed money into Springfield.

In the early nineties the two cities purchased sewage space from the advanced water treatment facility. Now, the space they purchased needs to be reallocated. On the busiest month Springfield is only using 75% of its sewage capacity and the city is paying thousands a month to maintain the unused sewer space. For a regular month in Mexico Beach the city is consistently using 100% of its space and the city has grown over the years and now they have reached their sewage capacity. It seems like now is a prime time for the two cities to strike a deal.

According Mayor Ralph Hammond of Springfield, the money from the sale could help the city catch up financially from recent expenses, "Well we hired six new fire fighters from the ISO, we had to fully dress them with their equipment so our expenses against our annual budget are being hit really hard with that." In order for a deal to be made Bay, Parker, Callaway and Tyndall all have to agree on the deal. Mayor Hammond is hoping a proposal will be made in the coming weeks but any of the surrounding cities may offer up their space in order to cash in on the sewage money.