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Gas Saving Tips and Additives, Do They Work?

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The truth is nobody likes getting gas, never mind spending money on it. But, the reality is everyone has to do it and if you're traveling on the road this summer chances are you'll find yourself at the pump more often then not.

That's why News 13 is putting to rest some myths and misconceptions about products claiming to give you fuel efficiency.

The Federal Trade Commission warns consumers against motorists buying additives that claim to save you gas. They say the products may have negative impact on your car, and no positive impact on your time spent away from the gas pump.

Experts in Panama City agree.

"In fact some additives will harm them more than do them good," said Jay Furr with Gears Transmissions.  

Furr says much of the products claiming to give you more bang for your buck are just a marketing ploy when gas prices climb.

"On a twelve month basis I might put two additives in a year to certain customers," said Furr. "And that's only because they've requested it.

"I just don't believe in them."

On average gas prices in Florida fell .01 cent from last week, but is still up from this time last year.

This week the state beats the national average, giving vacationers even more reason to look to save.

"Believe or not one of the biggest things you can do that can save you in fuel mileage is adequate air pressure in your automobile," said Furr. "If you maintain adequate pressure it saves you two to three miles per gallon.

"That's even bigger than any additive can claim to give."

The FTA also advises drivers to make sure you're buying the right grade of gas -- don't buy an octane level you don't need. And get rid of your lead foot. Speeding burns gas faster. So watch your speed.

"Just don't gun it and run it," said Furr. "Keep [your speed] level."