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Panama City Residents to Save Money on Flood Insurance

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Panama City has just been awarded an upgrade to their National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) by improving their Community Rating System's (CRS) classification.

For residents it means 5% more savings. The city's previous classification was a seven, saving the city 15% on their flood insurance bills but now the classification is a six saving resident's 20%.

Jennifer Aldridge from the Panama City's Engineering Department announced that classification has dropped thanks to ordinances put in place by the city and the work of the public works department.

The city commission was presented a plaque at Tuesday night's commission meeting at City Hall from FEMA congratulating them on their improved rating.

Aldridge says its been a lot of hard work for the city and she's glad the citizens can now enjoy more savings.

"I think this is just a really good program," said Aldridge. "And the CRS rating has been a lot of paperwork a lot of hard work for the public works staff and the changes in the flood ordinance had a lot to do with that too."

Also at Tuesday's meeting,  Commissioner John Kady was nominated and voted in for the mayor pro tempore seat. When needed Commissioner Kady will fill in for Mayor Greg Brudnicki at public functions and council meetings.