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Panama City Goal Sessions Start Tomorrow; Additional Boat Ramps on the Table

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Going into tomorrow's annual Goal Session one of the issues Panama City Mayor Greg Brudnicki has been advocating is the repair and addition of boat ramps within the city limits.

William Fox and his wife put in their boat at the Panama City Marina for the second time Thursday afternoon.  

"We searched the Internet and it gave us all the potential sites in the Panama City area and this ramp particularly fits our needs," said Fox.

The couple is new to the community and were remiss to find another ramp that was as well maintained as this one.

Nick Dale is in the same boat.

"The boat ramp isn't too bad," said Dale. "It's the people using it."

Both avid boaters admit that traffic is heavy at that particular ramp and putting in a vessel isn't always easy.

"If there were more ramps then there would be less people at one ramp causing back ups, stack ups, and fights," said Dale.

"There's a lot of people," said the new Panama City Marina's Director Stan Jones. "You really need multiple lanes of traffic to allow multiple at least two or three people to launch at any given time."

Docking and parking is another issue facing the ramp says Jones. That's why he says he's grateful that Mayor Brudnicki plans to bring the issue to the Goal Session over the next two days.

"He brought up the need for the city to construct more access to the water," said Jones.  

Brudnicki brought the issue to the table at a Commission meeting earlier in the month. And Jones agrees the addition of ramps is a necessity, especially on the cusp of a Marina Project that's already underway.

"With the number of boaters that we have that live in the city and also who travel from other states to experience Panama City from the water it just doesn't have enough access right now," said Jones.

And ramp regulars are behind the Mayor's push.

"Unfortunately, I take up both sides of the ramp putting my particular needs," said Fox. "If anybody wants to get together and make that suggestion we are all for it 100%."

"So, you're encouraged to hear that the city is working on it?"

"Absolutely," said Dale.  

Goal Sessions begin Friday morning until the afternoon and will resume Saturday morning.  Commissioner John Kady who says it's a opportunity to discuss issues outside the parameters and restrictions of a commission meeting.

"It allows us to kind of talk about each of our broad visions about the types of things we'd like to see and where we'd like to see the city to go," said Kady. "Some of the city's more successful initiatives over the last couple years like reduction in vagrancy, panhandling, and the marina project all started during our goal sessions."