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Modern Medicine: CrossFit

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Bay County, Fla. -

CrossFit is a high intensity workout with constantly varied movements.  Starting in July, a CrossFit gym will be opening at HealthPlex in Bay County.  Personal trainers say you'll be able to see health benefits within the first week of starting a CrossFit program.

Personal trainer Mike Walker says simply walking on a tread mill and working on machines will not give the same results as a CrossFit program, which utilizes functional movements.

"Functional movements are movements that mimic everyday activities...picking up something heavy or squatting down to get something...motions you are more likely to encounter in an everyday world," Walker explains.

Adam Cantrell is a CrossFit coach and has been doing CrossFit for six years.  He says, "Expect to see weight loss, expect to see improved muscle tone, expect to see daily life functions...picking up their kids going to and from the grocery store...all of that stuff become a lot easier."

Cantrell and Walker say CrossFit is a lifestyle change and is done in a team setting with lots of encouragement. 

Walker says, "What it's done is it's taken myself and everyday people, and it's allowed us to do things that we never dreamed of.  I'm in better shape now than as a teenager."

Walker explains that CrossFit is for all fitness levels, as the workouts are tailored to the individual.  As far as age range, he says children all the way to seniors can benefit.