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Panama City Wraps up Goal Sessions on Saturday

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The day got off to an early start for Panama City government officials. Day two of their goal setting workshop started at 6 AM.

The Mayor, City Commissioners, and senior staff gathered to discuss municipal issues. Among them the possibility of a new bed tax on lodging.

They also talked about utilities, and boat ramps. Mayor Greg Brudnicki says spending part of the weekend working on pressing issues is proof of the commitment to improving the lives of citizens.

"All the commissioners as well as my self what to make Panama City a better place to live, play, and to vacation so we are willing to take the extra steps to take to make sure so we can address what ever issues that need to be address to do all that", says Brudnicki.

Saturday session wrapped up this year's goal setting workshop. Those objectives will now help city leaders put together next year's budget.