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Two Injured in Parasail Accident on Panama City Beach

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A frightening accident Monday afternoon in Panama City Beach. Witnesses tell News 13 two teenage girls were rushed to the hospital after their parasail detached from the boat pulling it. They landed in a near-by condominium parking lot.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is investigating the accident. It happened about 4:00 p.m. at The Commodore Condominium on Thomas Drive just West of St. Andrews State Park.

FWC officers have been working since the accident happened taking pictures, collecting evidence, and talking to a lot of witnesses.

"It was traumatic. It was hard. I mean it's hard to watch, something you'll never forget," said Doug Mador, a resident of The Commodore Condominium.

He and dozens of witnesses watched helplessly from the condo as a parasail carrying two riders detached from the boat that was pulling it.

"When the storm came up earlier, the parasail broke loose. There were two girls parasailing, and they broke loose," said Mador.

Other witnesses said they were watching a storm far off into the Gulf of Mexico when they saw the parasail separate from the boat. The wind then picked it up and started spinning uncontrollably before hitting a beach-view balcony on the 13th floor.

"I saw them just going out of control, first hit the hotel, and then they grabbed the rail, and then of course it brought them up, came over the top," said Jake Hood, who is on vacation with his family and friends.

Hood and others watched everything from The Commodore parking lot. They said the parasail came over the condo. The wind then pulled it into a neighboring complex and into power lines lining the road.

"When they got closer to the ground the parachute just dropped and then that car, pretty big impact," said Hood.

The parasail landed among a group of cars in the condo's parking lot. One SUV type vehicle had damage to the roof and windshield.

Witnesses said many were quick to react and even praised the fast arrival of firefighters and first responders. As of Monday evening, there isn't any update on the two parasailer's condition.


Multiple witnesses tell News 13 at least two parasailers are taken to the hospital after winds broke the cable from the boat that was pulling them.

The accident happened at the Commodore Condominiums. That's where witnesses tell us ambulances responded and transported two teenage girls.

Witnesses tell us a storm broke the cable on the parasail causing it to detach from the boat that was pulling it. They also tell News 13 what appeared to be two teenage girls were attached to the parasail.

They say the girls hit a balcony on the condo, got caught in power lines and then hit several cars in the parking lot. They were transported to the hospital from the Commodore Condominiums parking lot.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission is investigating but is not releasing any details at this time. The condition of the girls is unknown. We will bring you more details as soon as they are released.