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Crack Down on Identity Theft

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Identity theft has long topped the list of consumer complaints across the nation but now Florida moves forward to fight it with a new law.

Up until now someone had to be a victim of identity theft before any investigations were conducted.

Now it is against the law to for someone to intentionally or knowingly have the identification information of another person. With this bill law officials are given more power to prevent identity theft from taking place. According to Bay County Sheriff Investigator, Craig Roman, broadening theft law will allow officials to do a better job of protecting people, "It helps us enforce that identity theft law and it protects the normal citizen. it their information is compromised and somebody has it, it gives us the alternative, we can charge that person." In the last few years identity theft has rivaled the amount of robberies to take place in Bay County. With this new bill in place the community is hoping to combat these thieves one stolen ID at a time.